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Nordic Studies

What is Nordic Studies?

Scandinavian or Nordic studies is an interdisciplinary academic field of area studies related to Scandinavia and the Nordic countries. Topics often including languages, literatures, histories, cultures and societies.


What is the difference between "Scandinavian" and "Nordic"?

In North America, Scandinavia is understood to be a region of Europe containing five countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. In Europe, Scandinavia is often understood to include only three countries: Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. This distinction is partially based on geography and language relationships. In Scandinavia the term “Nordic” would be used to signify all five countries. It is difficult to separate the history and culture of Finland and Iceland from the history and culture of the other Scandinavian countries.

Countries, territories, and cultures include:

  •  Denmark 
  •  Norway
  •  Sweden
  •  Finland
  •  Iceland
  •  Åland Islands
  •  Faroe Islands
  •  Greenland
  •  Svalbard
  •  Sámi


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