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NSP authors at SASS Conference

Authors and translators who have collaborated with Nordic Studies Press have recently participated in the Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study (SASS) 106th Annual Meeting in New Orleans, held April 28–30, 2016.


John Weinstock moderated a session on The Sámi Norwegian writer Matti Aikio and presented, "Matti Aikio: evolution of his Norwegian language."

Claudia Berguson moderated a session on 19th Century Scandinavian Literature. She also presented, "White Trash, Outsiders, and Norwegian Noir: Time, Place, and Narrative in Levi Henriksen's Feber" as part of the Contemporary Norwegian Literature panel.

Ingeborg Kongslien presented “Two Immigrant Tales from America's Multilingual Past: Drude Krog Janson, En saloonkeepers datter (1887) and Ludwig von Reizenstein, Die Geheimnisse von New Orleans (1854-55)”. She also moderated the Scandinavian American Culture II session.

Thomas DuBois presented, "Digital Sápmi: Sámi Arctic Activism and the Internet" as part of the Local Knowledge, Global Reach panel.


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