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Laila Stien

Laila Stien (born 16 May 1946 in Hemnes, Helgeland) is a Norwegian novelist, poet, author of children's literature and translator from Hemnes. She grew up in Rana and later lived in Finnmark. Stien made her literary debut in 1979 with the short stories collection Nyveien. Before her first book, she was represented with texts in the anthologies Nordfra (1975) and Nordnorge foreteller (1977). Her literary works are often embedded with elements from Northern Norway and Sami culture. Her novel Vekselsang (Antiphony) presents a wonderful picture of Sámi culture in transition and in the face of inevitable outside forces.

She received the Norwegian Critics Prize for Best children's book in 1993, and the Aschehoug Prize in 2000.

Stien has translated books from Sami language into Norwegian and has edited anthologies on modern Sami literature.