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Editing Johan Turi: Making Turi's Muitalus Make Sense

In Western Folklore (Vol. 72, No. 3/4, July 1, 2013), Thomas A. DuBois shared his experience editing Muitalus sámiid birra [An Account of the Sámi].

"In this paper then, I hope to relate how I ended up adapting a medievalist mindset to my approach to a work of modem folklore, the remarkable text entitled Muitalus sámiid birra {An Account of the Sámi). I will discuss the work's re-editing in the year 2010 and my own efforts as the work's translator into English. I believe that folklorists can learn a great deal from considering the issues that arise in editing and translating-processes which, I believe, can stand for many of the ideals and tasks of the folklorist in general, even if folklorists may not realize this fact."

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